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From our Production Department

Many of our customers have been asking how to add  auto-run to their  CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or USB project- our production team tells us how !

Most new operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 will automatically suggest to the user what things they can do with the CD, DVD, or USB that you have inserted into the system. There is a way to have an executable file automatically started on Windows 2000 and XP and to be the default selected suggestion on Windows Vista and 7.

First :  Open Windows NOTEPAD by clicking START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > NOTEPAD
Enter the following lines in the blank window:
label=The Name for the Media shown in Explorer

Then :   Save the file on the root of the CD, DVD or USB and name the file AUTORUN.INF.

Last  burn/write the media as you would normally

Macintosh cannot run a specific file; however, you can set up your CD so it will open the disc window when the CD is inserted and you can layout the view of the window anyway you like. This method requires special burning tools like Toast Titanium that will allow you to modify these options.



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