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DVD/CD Packaging Represents Your Exceptional Product

During your initial DVD replication project it needs to be determined what DVD packaging solution represents the best value for your particular DVD product needs and requirements.  You need to ensured that you will receive the best value in high-quality DVD packaging and professionally printed product collateral available for your product.

DVD Packaging

The evaluatation of your DVD-ROM packaging needs are based on several criterias that include your price budget, anticipated retail and distribution plans, packaging security requirements and the general perceived value of your product. For example, if your DVD title is being sold in a retail environment, it’s imperative that the product meets the retailer’s merchandise security policies, packaging size specifications and UPC labeling location requirements. While a large majority of retail DVD titles are packaged into a black, white, or clear “Amaray style” plastic DVD cases with a custom printed DVD casewrap, and DVD insert booklet, some products benefit or require the use of a higher perceived packaging and printing solution. An example of a commonly used disc packaging solution sold for collector box sets that demand a consumer to “perceive” a product as more valuable is illustrated by the “Digi-Pack” style of DVD packaging. The Digi-Pack printed board stock with one to many inlayed plastic trays, custom embossed foil, and multiple disc storage trays only one of hundreds of DVD packaging solutions that aim to increase the perceived value of your DVD product. While some DVD titles maybe adequately packaged into a paper envelope with a see through window, expensive video game titles may require security packaging.


The purpose of custom packaging is to promote your product or business to potential customers and clients. The exterior of this project is the first impression of what you’re offering. Customizing is the perfect way to promote your business while offering an attractive finish for your supplemental material.



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How effective is a video communication?

According to National Training Laboratory Institute for Applied Behavioural Science  effective teaching methods are:

Seeing or hearing a lecture – 5% knowledge retention
Reading – 10% knowledge retention

Video– 20% knowledge retention
Demonstration– 30% knowledge retention
Practice by Doing – 75% knowledge retention

This means that video and demonstrations have a higher effectiveness than simply being told something or reading something on a memo.

This is especially effective in advertising, but works very well in business. For example, companies who need to tell a story, promote a new product or service,  training, communicate to current or potential clients or keep your employees informed of changes or upcoming events.

Video is an invaluable resource that can be distributed on flash drives, on disc, on tape.  video stream etc.  Many people are visual learners and these videos
can be great ways to not only reach people, but ensure they’ll remember the information presented.


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How to Protect Your CD and DVD Media

At Kinwood provide a wide range of CD and DVD
for the protection of your storage media. Beyond saving
each disc from potential scratches or damage that can compromise your data,
these auxiliary components also allow you to organize your collection of DVDs
and CDs in a systematic manner. Our CD and DVD accessories are made of superior
quality and highly durable materials such as plastic, tyvek, aluminum alloy,
and more.

Our exclusive collection of CD and DVD accessories and
packaging options include the following, allowing you to purchase CD and DVD
accessories depending on your requirements.

Wallets , Sleeves & Aluminum Storage Cases

Kinwood can offer you as our valued customer a wide range of
CD wallets to suit your style, including many colors, leather, velvet, and
more. Our CD wallets are equipped with zippered enclosures that protect discs
from scratches and other damages, providing a strong and reliable sealed
packaging of your storage media. Strong and light weight, our CD/DVD aluminum
cases help you to categorize your storage media collection.

CD & DVD Case Mailers

Our high-quality CD and DVD Case Mailers are perfect for
direct mailing of your storage media. Hardy enough for safe shipment, they are
also light weight and printable – just seal and send. Kinwood can also custom
print your Disc Mailer !

CD & DVD Inserts

CD/DVD case inserts are die-cut and perforated to allow for
ease of printing, separation, and insertion into your CD or DVD case. Select
from various finishes to best suit your printer type.

Empty Cake Boxes

CD & DVD cake box packs allow for proper storage of your
discs, protecting them from dirt, dust, scratches, and other damages. Select
from storage capacities of 10, 75, and 100.

CD & DVD Labels

Decorative CD labels and full face DVD labels help you to
mark your CDs and DVDs for easy identification and classification.

OPP Plastic Bag

These plastic bags keep your CD and DVD cases clean and safe
from the elements and scratches.

Paper & Plastic Sleeves & C Shells  & Jewel Cases

Our paper and plastic sleeves are crafted of durable
materials for an effective storage solution. Select from multiple colors,
quantities, adhesive-backed, and other options.

Polypropaleyne Album Cases: Single, Doubles and

Kinwood is Canada’s largest stocking distributor of plastic album
cases to finish off your project !


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Tips for Buying Multimedia Packaging

When it comes to choosing the best DVD case supplier, look
no further than KINWOOD.  From Kinwood you will find a wide range of
high-quality DVD cases made of durable plastic. Our selection includes slim DVD
cases, ultra slim, multi packages, clamshell, sleeves, security and custom
printed cases. You will be sure to find the case to fit your needs.

Why Does Case quality Count?

DVD cases not only help you store your precious memories and
information, but also protect your DVDs against scratches. All of our DVD cases
come with a locking hub, which grips the disc by its center hole. This design
prevents the recording surface from being scratched and protects your DVD from
damage. You may also add a paper inlay or DVD cover in the DVD case, which will
provide necessary information about the DVD, especially useful for storage.
Explore our inventory to find the DVD case type suitable for your needs.

Slim DVD Cases

An ultra slim DVD case is undoubtedly the most convenient
and effective packaging solution for your single DVD. These single slim DVD
cases require less storage space and offer shipping efficiencies greater than
the standard case size, thanks to its svelte, ½ inch profile.

The ultra slim DVD case has a push button hub to add and
remove the DVD easily, while simultaneously protecting discs from scratches.
The single slim DVD case also has an outer cover, where you can add an insert. These
cases are available in single 7 mm and double 7mm; Standard slim cases are available
in single 9 mm and double 9 mm.

DVD Cases of Many Colors

You will find both single and double DVD cases in many colors
from Kinwood . This is useful for categorizing your DVDs, offering simpler
storage solutions, and brighter than the standard black DVD case, cases in color
likewise provide the ultimate in protection. Each disc fits on a center push
hub which releases with one touch.

Professional Grade DVD Cases

The professional DVD case is made of durable polypropylene,
which provides extra strength to the case. The standard size DVD case (14mm)
easily accommodates a DVD wrap and inside booklet and the hub design secures
the disc from damage. Our professional grade DVD cases are available in a wide
selection of colors, quantities, and single or double size.

Multi case DVD

Most DVD cases are single or
double capacity, but for greater storage capacity, Kinwood offers a wide
selection of DVD cases in varying quantities and colors to fit your needs.
*Single * Double* Triple* Quad* Five* Six * Eight * Ten* Twelve*

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