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How effective is a video communication?

According to National Training Laboratory Institute for Applied Behavioural Science  effective teaching methods are:

Seeing or hearing a lecture – 5% knowledge retention
Reading – 10% knowledge retention

Video– 20% knowledge retention
Demonstration– 30% knowledge retention
Practice by Doing – 75% knowledge retention

This means that video and demonstrations have a higher effectiveness than simply being told something or reading something on a memo.

This is especially effective in advertising, but works very well in business. For example, companies who need to tell a story, promote a new product or service,  training, communicate to current or potential clients or keep your employees informed of changes or upcoming events.

Video is an invaluable resource that can be distributed on flash drives, on disc, on tape.  video stream etc.  Many people are visual learners and these videos
can be great ways to not only reach people, but ensure they’ll remember the information presented.


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