Preprinted Blank Media

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What better way to personalize or brand your own recordable media. Create your own custom design to meet your own unique requirements.

Silkscreening, Offset or Thermal printing technologies are the best options for professional, branded, personalized recordable products.

DVDR and CDR private labelling allows your company or organization image to stand aside all your competitors.

Kinwood offers 1 to 5 colour silkscreening, offset printing, or thermal label printing directly onto the disc.

Kinwood can help you present a more professional looking CD-R or DVD-R to your customer.

Our custom silkscreening services for your blank media will also reduce your costs, and increase your productivity!

We provide silkscreening from 1-colour to full-color. We specialize in the application of specialty coatings, so you can also run our discs through your inkjet, or thermal CD/DVD printer, or we can silkscreen lines on the disc, so you can write directly on the disc!

If you burn discs on a regular basis, we can help you to appear more professional, save you money, and provide reliable service.


  • 85-133 lines per inch
  • Cost-effective
  • Industry Standard
  • Up to 6-colour


  • One-Colour or Photorealistic Technology
  • 1 to 5 Colours


  • 170 lines per inch
  • Captures half-tones
  • Small text size, intricate graphics and photo graphic images
  • Up to 6-colour