Packaging is the most unique service Kinwood offers to our customers. We understand how packaging plays a critical role in conveying value and quality of the final product.

Kinwood will guide our customers toward the right look and feel for their final chain network or custom manufacture a package specific to your needs.

Kinwood offers a wide variety of in-stock generic packaging solutions, and a large assortment of custom cardboard die lines for your CD, DVD, Blu-ray® and USB media projects.

We carry over 100 stock generic packaging items in inventory, including paper sleeves, vinyl carriers, plastic cases, poly cases, multi-cases, bind-in packaging, peel-and-stick sleeves, hubs, tyvec sleeves, and more!

If we do not carry the item that you require in our inventory, our team will work with our supply chain to source it for you.

View Our Packaging Options:

Kinwood has die lines of custom-printed cardboard packaging, including cardboard sleeves, cardboard wallets, digipacks and more. With our in-house offset printing capabilities, we can print your cardboard packaging, insert your media and shrink-wrap or seal your finished package. If you require a design which we do not have a die line for, our packaging design experts can modify an existing die line or create a completely new packaging design to meet your requirements.