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CD/DVD/Blu-ray® Replication Services

Replication is the manufacturing process used to make mass quantities of CD/DVD/Blu-ray® discs. A "glass master" of your information is made, which in turn produces "stampers" that are used for injection moulding the information onto foil. The mastered information is then protected by layers of polycarbonate plastic. It is then lacquered, usually screened, and ultimately packaged. Because most of this process is automated, the cost per unit becomes factored in and is very affordable on orders generally greater than 1000 pieces.

With all your replication projects Kinwood Multimedia offers 1-5 color Offset or Silkscreen direct to disc packaging and printed support material.

Your project will be showcased in a professional cost effective package ready for distribution.

  • DVD5 - single layer, single sided 4.7 GB
  • DVD9 - dual layer, single sided 8.5 GB
  • DVD10 - single layer, dual sided, 9.4 GB
  • CDAudio
  • Blu-ray®